Mirror Mirror Mosaic Mirror

Mirror Mirror Mosaic Mirror

July 17 & 18

In this hands-on workshop, artist Lauralyn Renn will teach you how to decorate a mirror in mosaic using found objects. We will provide the hand-made ceramic framed mirror and materials for you to embellish your mirror with shells, beach stones, seaglass, and pearls.

Optional: we encourage you to bring any mementos or small objects that you find meaningful to incorporate into your design. This could include small keepsake items such as keys, coins, dice, broken china fragments, pebbles, and buttons.

Dates: Wednesday, July 17 or Thursday, July 18
Time: 7:00-9:00
Location: Cardinal Gift Shop

This workshop is open to all skill levels. All materials will be provided.

LAURALYN RENN is an artist, designer, beach lover, and collector of shells. Inspired by our ancestors' connection to the earth and the innate desire we have as humans to gather and collect, she combines sculptural techniques with found objects.
Her work focuses on the unique intersection of jewelry and sculpture, using sculpture as a means to express her ideas in both metal and clay. As such, you can see the human hand in all that she creates. By incorporating shells, pebbles, and seaglass in her work, she tells stories of the natural earth and the people that came before us.
Prior to launching her eponymous line Renn New York, she worked in the fashion industry for 11 years designing for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Coach and Cole Haan.

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    Mirror Mirror Mosaic Mirror

    Mirror Mirror Mosaic Mirror

    July 17 & 18

    Decorate a mirror in mosaic using found objects with Lauralyn Renn of Renn NY.

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